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June 5, 2015 / campingsites

Long Beach Conservation

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This was our first trip to this conservation area.  It has potential to be great but due to the seasonal camping has let the park left looking like second hand camping.

Over half of the seasonal had refrigerators outside on their deck that looked old and beaten up.

They are to cut their own grass so some is cut some is long and bare.

The fire pits have no rings and our spot had 4 or more spots where people had burn their fires.

There is no particular spot to park your trailer so everyone has gone in different way making the grasses look unruly

There was no sign were the dump station but found it near the washrooms.

On a great note the staff is super friendly so are the seasonal people.  Recycling is the best we have seen.  The beach is very nice as well.

The spots not on the lakeside are actually nicer than the lakeside

Firewood:  We were not lucky with firewood the local store was expensive, the campground wood was just regular price.  Most of the seasonal people had a cord sitting around

Port Colborne is close and a very pretty town.  There was a brewery close as well

Dunnville is the same distance the other way from long beach. There is a farmers market on Saturday.

We biked the trail and walked at the conversation area nearby.  It was in bad shape and had lots of ticks


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